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About Untwine

Our Story
Untangling Digital Transformation

Untwine AI is a transformative software development and services company. We specialize in delivering artificial intelligence machine learning and data science solutions to achieve your desired business outcomes and give you a time-to-market competitive advantage. Our proven methodology is applicable across a myriad of market verticals such as healthcare, digital health, retail, finance, fintech, manufacturing, insurance, cleantech, real estate, education, recruiting, travel and hospitality.

Delivering the Future Now

The promise and potential of AI in business is just at the beginning a very long growth cycle. However AI cannot do everything. We work with your teams to identify the most impactful projects at the intersection of what AI can do and your desired business outcomes. We then breakdown the automation objectives of a project to smaller AI tasks. Data is critical to implementing AI solutions. We provide data audit, porting, cleansing.

Holistic Services and Distributed Teams

To meet your end-to-end digital needs, we also provide web framework development, UI/UX design, mobile app development, CMS development, digital marketing services. These services may or may not include an AI component.

Our globally distributed teams cover a broad range of machine learning and data science capabilities to deliver professional services to your specific requirements. We support cloud on premises, edge deployments.

Customer Success Drives Us

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, is led by an experienced team of business and AI experts with a proven track record ranging at large global to startup companies. Customer success is central to their operating philosophy. This leadership is supported by an outstanding global team of technical experts.

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When Working with Us, You can Expect:


We have experts in AI, data engineering, and digital marketing, to meet your needs. Our expertise is applicable across many industries.


We provide real-time status of your project including estimates, completed work, and demo environments. You'll have a technical contact you can reach out to at any time.


We believe in succeeding fast and failing fast. We will minimize risk in your projects. We’ll make changes as we learn more and as business needs change.

Code Quality

We have deep expertise with software engineering to ensure performance, scalability, maintainability, testability.

Dedicated Teams

Our distributed resources model ensures full dedication to your project.

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